Discussion Post I

Come on in! Discuss prompts and fills (but don't post them here - save them for the 'Round' posts!), or go entirely off-topic and discuss whatever you like. Share gifs. Tell everyone how excited you are that a kink meme has arrived. Discuss Zayn's beautiful face. Go wild! If you have queries or issues to raise with the mod of the community, the FAQ or rules posts are the best places to do so :)

Anonymous commenting is available here and throughout all posts in this community ♥

Kink Meme FAQ


Are you excited? Are you excited?! A shiny new 1D kink meme, for you and every other kinky fucker out there, you lucky thing you! This post is designed to answer the key questions, but please feel free to post more as comments in this post and I'll answer them :) A separate rules post can be found in the next post after this one.

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Rules, rules, rules

This post will include a comprehensive list of the rules for the community - these will help keep things orderly, safe and allow for maximum enjoyment for all participants. Yaaaaaay! The rules may be amended or added to as time goes on, but any changes will be clearly communicated. A summary of the key rules will be included at the top of each round when they're posted. If you have any issues or any clarification is needed, drop me a comment below and I'll answer :)

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