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Welcome to Round 1 of the 2015 One Direction kink meme! :D

This post will run until 31 December 2015 after which it will be closed to new prompts (fills can continue for as long as you like, there's no time limit). Hooray!

Useful Links

Comprehensive rules list
Discussion Post I
Pinboard archive (bookmarked and tagged prompts and fills)
Fill Post

Quick Rules Summary

o A more detailed list of rules, and help with how to post prompts/fills, can be seen in the comprehensive rules post linked above
o Only one prompt (kinky or gen is fine) per comment, but prompts can have multiple fills
o When posting a prompt, remember to include a title containing the pairing and kinks
o When posting a fill, remember to include a title containing the word [FILL] followed by the fic title, pairing and kinks
o Warn for triggers
o No deleting comments unless absolutely necessary
o No prompts or fills should feature people who are under 18 in real life engaging in sexual activity
o No kink shaming, no being mean to your fellow kink memers, no derogatory language unless it is part of a fill and adequately warned for
o NO sharing the kink meme with the boys or anyone even remotely connected to them.
o Additional lengthy clarification can be found here to ensure the meme is a safe space for trans and intersex people - in summary, I don't want to be overly prescriptive as to the language people use when prompting/filling as it's a very personal thing; but think before you post and ask if you're not sure. When asking for sex swap fics or similar, ensure you're not equating gender with sex when they're not the same thing, and consider whether a cis! prefix is necessary.

Any questions or problems just give me a shout in the rules post or FAQ post, and I'll be tracking the discusson posts too in case anything comes up there.


To browse fills without searching back through all the comments on the meme, head to the Pinboard archive (where they're helpfully tagged by pairing, kink etc.) and/or to the Fill Post (where they're posted in date order for easier identification of new fills). If you post a fill, you can add it to the Fill Post if you like, otherwise I'll just do it, I don't mind either way. Hooray!

Happy kink meme-ing! \o/
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