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Kink Meme FAQ


Are you excited? Are you excited?! A shiny new 1D kink meme, for you and every other kinky fucker out there, you lucky thing you! This post is designed to answer the key questions, but please feel free to post more as comments in this post and I'll answer them :) A separate rules post can be found in the next post after this one.

What's a kink meme?

You've never been involved in a kink meme before? Well oh boy, have I got a treat for you! A kink meme is a wonderful place where fanfiction-loving peeps get together to post fic requests - it might be a particular pairing they're after, some specific kinks they really want to read about, or even non-sexual requests. Some wonderful people will write fics to fulfil the requests ('fills'), but there's no obligation to write any fic (though it's always encouraged!) - you can read fic, write fic, or both, it's entirely up to you. Positive comments on fills are always encouraged too.

One of the best things about a kink meme is that you can request, fill and comment entirely anonymously if you want to, so if you're a bit shy about a particular kink, or you prefer to keep your fic reading and your usual LJ blog entirely separate, then that's just fine.

Are you affiliated with any other kink memes?

Nope - there has previously been a large kink 1D kink meme on Livejournal, and possibly other smaller or kink-specific ones too, but this community and its maintainer aren't affiliated in any way with them.

So you hate the other kink memes? They're your rivals?

Noooo! On the contrary, they are amazing! Kink memes take hard work to set up and maintain and anyone involved in running those that have gone before this one are to be commended for their efforts and for the wonderful fics that have resulted. I simply don't know the maintainers of any other 1D kink memes personally - we can happily coexist alongside one another though :D

Why does this one exist then?

Quite simply because the previous big memes (or at least those I'm aware of) have died a bit - they hit their peak but have been pretty much inactive for a while now. Given that the boys have recently released Four, and will be touring in 2015 - and the fact that they appear to have attracted a lot of new fans recently too - I was sad to find no large, active kink meme on the go and decided to set one up myself. Hopefully it'll lead to an influx of fantastic new stories into a fandom already rich with the most incredible fics, and be a lot of fun!

You'll notice that this meme specifies 2015 in its name - the plan is for round one of this kink meme to commence on 01/01/2015 (allowing a month at the end of 2014 to spread the word and make people aware of its existence) and it can run throughout 2015 with as many rounds as we need, before closing to new prompts at the end of the year (or earlier if it fizzles out). If there's enough demand another kink meme can always be created for 2016.

What are the rules I need to follow when posting?

These can be found in a separate post. A brief summary of the most important ones will be posted with each new round.
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