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Rules, rules, rules

This post will include a comprehensive list of the rules for the community - these will help keep things orderly, safe and allow for maximum enjoyment for all participants. Yaaaaaay! The rules may be amended or added to as time goes on, but any changes will be clearly communicated. A summary of the key rules will be included at the top of each round when they're posted. If you have any issues or any clarification is needed, drop me a comment below and I'll answer :)


o PLEASE keep this community on the down low to minimise the risk of people stumbling across it who we'd rather didn't - after deliberating over this it's been decided that you may, if you wish, link to this community from tumblr/twitter/AO3/other entry and vice versa. However, and I must stress this, this should be as low key as possible. This means, as an example, if you post a fill on tumblr you can link to here and say that it's a kink meme fill. You can also advertise it in places/tags where the key audience will be fans and fic lovers - the more the merrier!

Don't, however, then go onto twitter and tweet members of the band with links to people's fics like an idiot, or post Facebook statuses that your 873 friends can see linking them to your oh-so-hilarious prompt. There are no set rules regarding sharing this community on other sites as there are too many variables but please, please apply common sense and minimise the blatant references to here. Ultimately if a kink meme exists, it will be referenced in various places and anyone can search for it and find it. However if someone has to actively search for it rather than ending up here accidentally because you're spamming links to anyone and everyone it at least protects us somewhat.

Exploring kinks is fun, it's good, it is (or should be) harmless. However NO ONE should be forced to participate in said exploration unless they absolutely want to. We're talking about real people here, who in turn have families, friends and colleagues, none of whom should end up having to see any of this by accident.

o Comments may be anonymous or logged in - entirely up to you - and if you want to post a fill anonymously then later de-anon and let people know it's yours that's fine too, and feel free to post a fill both on the kink meme and a link to it elsewhere.

o Please don't delete comments unless absolutely necessary (e.g. if you've accidentally posted while logged in but you really, really wanted to be anonymous). It disrupts the flow of the meme, makes things confusing and generally irritates people.

o Be nice to each other. Don't be that douche that comes onto a kink meme and decides that because they're posting anonymously they can post spiteful comments about people's writing. Seriously. Don't be that person. I will freeze threads if I absolutely have to, but please don't make me - just be lovely wonderful people like I know you can be!

o Post trigger warnings if your prompt or fill contains references to any of the following: non-con/rape/dub-con, slurs (racial, homophobic, transphobic etc.), underage (where one or more characters engaging in sexual activity is aged under 18, regardless of the age of consent in your country/state), graphic violence, torture, and anything else you feel could be particularly triggering - again, common sense applies. Posts which blatantly violate this rule may be deleted if necessary. Slurs should only be used where they actually add something to a story - for example, using a homophobic slur in a fill because it's about one of the boys experiencing homophobia at school is fine. Directing a homophobic slur at a poster because you don't like their writing is wrong and will not be tolerated, and the same goes for misogynistic/racial/ableist/transphobic slurs and similar.

o Added 16/01/2015: Additional lengthy clarification can be found here to ensure the meme is a safe space for trans and intersex people - in summary, I don't want to be overly prescriptive as to the language people use when prompting/filling as it's a very personal thing; but think before you post and ask if you're not sure. When asking for sex swap fics or similar, ensure you're not equating gender with sex when they're not the same thing, and consider whether a cis! prefix is necessary.

o No kink shaming - if you don't like someone's kink, don't read it and move on! If anyone finds the wording of any prompt particularly problematic/offensive (as opposed to the kink itself), please notify me in an appropriate post. If you don't like the fact that there will be people posting who have different kinks to you, then a kink meme is not the place for you my friend. No shaming people about their pairings, either - so you like Larry, and they're asking for Haylor - diversity and variety is fun! :D

o A separate post for general off-topic chat, fic recs, favourite fills and so on can be found here - this will keep the main 'round' posts for prompts, fills, and direct comments on prompts and fills only and make things less cluttered.

o I will be moderating the community the best I can but if ever there is a delay in me reacting to anything then I apologise - I'm a human person with a job and responsibilities unfortunately, but will devote time to the meme daily to keep everything running as smoothly as possible!

o No prompts or fills may reference people who are currently underage (under 18) in real life engaging in sexual activity. This is necessary and non negotiable.

How to post a prompt:

o Prompts can be gen as well as kinky - anything goes.

o Only ONE prompt per comment please - if your adorable little head is just filled with so many delightful plot bunnies and fic ideas, please post each one as a separate comment to allow for easier filling, bookmarking, tagging etc. :D

o Take a look at the bookmarked prompts and fills (see 'Bookmarking' below) before you post, just to make sure you're not repeating a prompt that's already been made by someone else. Yiou'd be surprised how often great and kinky minds think alike!

o In the post subject/title, type the pairing(s) (or single character), followed by a few words summarising the prompt (e.g. Larry, High School AU, Blow jobs or Liam/Danielle/Zayn, Threesome, Hurt/Comfort, Trigger warning: underage). If there are multiple pairings, such as Harry/Louis and Liam/Niall list them all if you like, or just the main one, it's up to you - it'll just affect how the fic is tagged when it's added to the kink meme bookmarks. Putting an appropriate title on your post will make life SO much easier for everyone - if you forget, I'm not going to delete your prompt, but will probably comment with a little reminder. :)

o Write out your prompt in the main body of the comment, outlining what you'd like the fic to be about. Have a look at some other kink memes if you're new to how they work, and you'll get the general gist. :)

o If commenting on a prompt or fill, make sure you click on the 'reply' button on that particular comment and not the main reply button for the entire post - otherwise your comment won't be attached in the right place and will sit all by itself being lonely at the end of the post. :'(

How to fill a prompt:

o In the comment title post [FILL], then the fic title, a summary in brackets of the fic and the post number to keep things clear and orderly (for example, if your fill takes up two comments, you'd post [FILL] Love You (Harry/Louis, High School AU, Blow jobs) 1/2 and on your second post [FILL] Love You (Harry/Louis, High School AU, Blow jobs) 2/2. If you're not sure how many posts it'll take, or it's a WIP, post 1/?, 2/?, 3/? and so on.

o Fills can be posted on the meme itself as comments below the request, or you can post a fic elsewhere (e.g. AO3) and post a comment to link people to it. Linking to friends-only blogs is allowed but not encouraged - one of the great things about a kink meme is the ability for people to request and fill while anonymous so the more people get to read your lovely contribution the better. :)

o Multiple fills for the same prompt are fine!


o A pinboard page has been set up at https://pinboard.in/u:1dkink2015/. Filled and unfilled prompts will be bookmarked and tagged here for easy searching - this may at times be a slow process during busy periods but it'll be done so have patience.
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